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Hugo Denizli is the founder and creative director of ENES, a Belgian leather and shearling brand based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Hugo has been working in fashion and specifically with leather for over 30 years. He has worked for the most prestigious Fashion Houses and with this experience combined with his passion for design, he started his own brand 'ENES' in 1999. The brand is named after his son, who was also born that year.

“I saw a need for higher quality leather and fur clothing as well as more sophisticated designs. My love for the creative process inspired me to travel all over the world in search of these new designs made with the best quality materials available. That and I love to make women even more beautiful”, - Hugo Denizli explains.

Leather has many great and unique qualities. 

It is durable and it is made from a by-product of the meat industry.
That means it recycles a skin that otherwise would go to waste.

Our leather is sourced from across the world, only from certified farms

The standard is based on 4 pillars:

  • Preservation of the species 

  • Animal welfare all along the life stages of the animals

  • Working conditions of men and women on the farms

  • Environment protection

Chrome-free tanning implies that a hide is converted to soft and supple leather using vegetable or synthetic extracts instead of chromium sulphate.

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